Apartment for rent in District 3

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    Apartment for rent in District 3 house for rent in hcm : Luxury apartment Sherwood Residences in Center of District 3, very closed to District 1 and Ben Thanh market, Diamond Plaza, Vincom…
    New apartment apartment for rent in saigon , nice design, european style.
    Facilities: swimming pool, gym, children playground, security and front desk service 24/7, professional management, mini cinema, game room, meeting room, restaurant, sauna, shuttle bushappy hour, tea hour, basement…
    Layout from 82sqm to more than 300sqm (penthouse) apartment for rent in vista : from US$2,200/month, 3 bedrooms (143sqm) : from US$2,800/month.
    Please feel free to call Ms. Mandy +84 969 999 964 if you want to have more valuable and potential options and best offer for reference.
    Apartmentvilla Co., Ltd
    Department 1050, Ward 12, Binh Thanh District, HCMC
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