Apartment for rent in mastery The Estella - $900

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    Artment for rent in mastery: The Estella Apartment is located on Hanoi Highway, An Phu ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Located in Ho Chi Minh City’s exclusive expatriate community, The Estella is just a few minutes away from all the excitement of the city. Find prestigious educational establishments close by, such as The International Grammar School and British International School.

    Facilities apartment for rent in sherwood: common swimming pool, tennis court, gym room, supermarket, security 24/7, parking basement, BBQ area, minimart...




    2 or 3 bedroom apartment apartment for rent in XI (98 to 188sqm) with rent is from US$900 to US$1,800 per month, 4 bedroom penthouse (230sqm) with US$3,000 per month.

    Please feel free to call Ms. Mandy +84 969 999 964 if you want to have more valuable and potential options for reference.

    Apartmentvilla Co., Ltd


    Department 1050, Ward 12, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

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